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Heavy music. No prozac required.

Against Time offers up melodic, heavy rock that stands at the open door of metal and takes a long look inside. Against Time’s music captures some of the best influences of rock, metal, thrash, and even punk. This mix of seemingly distinctly different musical styles is cohesively held together by the modern rock vocal delivery which offers up unexpectedly clean, melodic vocals contrasted by an injection of emotionally laden screams that perfectly suit the heavy style.  The music remains interesting and varied with an identifiable sound that is plenty heavy yet accessible avoiding the one dimensional dark and depressing format often attributed to this style. While certainly bearing a distinctive sound all their own, Against Time may evoke comparisons to Trivium, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, or Gemini Syndrome among others.  Against Time is the gateway drug for those new to heavy music while still giving true heavy fans exactly what they crave.  Describing the sound as Heavy Rock seems like a nice fit.

While the music is distinct, the band is distinctly Canadian. With members who hail from coast to coast you would be hard pressed to find a better representation of the True North. British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick are all represented with members who proudly consider themselves French, English, or Acadian but all Canadians.  With members who live in both Quebec and Ontario, it's only appropriate that this band would call the Ottawa/Gatineau region, the Nation's capital, home. Walk into this jam room and you'll find conversations flowing in English and French simultaneously. Membership in this band requires the ability to swear in both official languages.

Heavy music. No prozac required.

Against Time.